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Pasta Runs in Our Family

Hi love!

I, Farnaz Asarian, am proudly Persian-Canadian and my love for food and passion for cooking is something that was inseparable from my soul since my childhood.
I started my career more than 20 years ago, taking professional cooking courses with the best cooks for international and traditional cuisine. I loved sharing these recipes with my family and friends and seeing them enjoying cooking the tastiest meals with the unique touch of every culture added to their dishes for their loved ones.
After moving to Canada, I decided to take another step to grow my career and got the Event Management Diploma. In the meantime, when the pandemic got started, I opened an Instagram account "AFRA’s Kitchen" in 2019 and developed unique homemade recipes with food-lovers all around the world.

Today I am beyond excited and happy to announce that I am opening an Italian restaurant in the heart of Toronto "Yorkville”, and I will commit to serve the best quality, fresh and the most delicious food every day. Portici serves Italian food which has the most delicious food around the world. We are making the best “Pinsa” for you which are made with the classic hand-made pizza dough that you can never go wrong with, and of course I will season them with love, and this is my little secret.
Looking forward to seeing you all and being a part of your awesome experience of having Italian food in a very welcoming, cozy, and warm environment.
Farnaz Cuisine Art

Owner & Executive Chef

Mrs. Farnaz Asarian

Farnaz Asarian.jpg

"Portici makes you smile"

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